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Springville Presbyterian Church is a "home-town" church established by pioneer settlers in 1857.  We celebrated our 159 year birthday in 2016.  In 2007, we held a Silent Auction that raised over $16,000 to build a gazebo for the city of Springville in Upper Butler Park.  The gazebo was completed several years later under the leadership of members and friends of the church, along with volunteers from the community.




Twenty thousand bicyclers of Iowa Ragbrai 2012, were greeted with down home hospitality as they passed by Springville Presbyterian Church.  They were able to fill water bottles six at a time with a homemade water system made from PVC pipe and faucets and cool off under the light spray of a 12 foot water mister.  Hayracks were available to rest bicycles or bodies, along with plenty of shade from tents and trees.  Stomachs were filled with over six hundred pieces of homemade pie and over six hundred creatively made smoothies in flavors of Cherry Vanilla, Raspberry and Strawberry Banana, with the choice of added protein.  If those items were not appealing, a baked potato bar was available with sour cream, salsa, cheese and butter as well as a chicken sandwich or chicken on a stick.  Springville Presbyterian Church continuing to "bring people to God."

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